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Bouncing back from a traumatic experience like battling (and overcoming) cancer doesn't take a month, or a year, or even a few years—it takes a lifetime. My health, including the health of my hair, went to hell and back. I'm here to tell you about that journey  

Breakage? Slow Growth? Thinning? Frizz?

How I Got Healthier NATURAL Hair in Just 5 Minutes a Day

As a woman with Type 2B (wavy/curly) hair, I understand the struggle of maintaining a healthy hair routine, and a style that holds without the crunch, crunch, crunch of various products.

Plus, we all know the struggles of flat, lifeless hair and frizz are real. I'm a busy working woman so I don't have an hour to flat iron my hair.

How Do You Stop Using “Products”?

You just commit and never look back.

I’m not going to lie –– I had no idea what I was getting into when I decided to stop using a variety of heating tools on a daily basis about 3 years agoMy hair had fallen out in clumps and had thinned out because of my cancer treatments but I was determined to regrow my hair naturally.

Here’s my short thinning hair at the beginning of my journey. I was still experimenting with color. It took me 30 minutes to get my hair to have that much "body"and "style" and no matter what it would just fall flat again before the end of the day. I took the other photo this morning with my curls and defined them slightly with a curling wand, which took no more than 5 minutes. My hair stays full and shiny now. That's a sign of good health inside and out. That's what Hair La Vie is about. 

The best part is those curls, texture and shine are mostly me naturally. All I did was wash my hair this morning and define a few pieces. The difference in texture and feel is incredible. I feel like a look younger now too. 

My 3 Easy Steps to Stop Breakage/Thinning

1. I Changed the Products I Use

I watched an episode of 60 Minutes which showcased all the hidden dangers in your showerI threw out every product I had in my shower

Switching out my dangerous stuff with natural stuff cost more, but my hair would not be as healthy if I'd continued using cheap products. It also saved me time in trying to make my hair be something it clearly did not want to be. 

2. I Designed a Hair Routine for MY Hair Type

I decided to start by creating a hair routine for my own hair. I learned how to cleanse and return moisture to my hair correctly, using the right ingredients and techniques.  I mentioned this process in my appearance on Suncoast View News. All the Hair La Vie products, including the shampoo felt great, BUT what I knew I needed to do was tell women exactly how to use the products for their hair type.

I called it YOUR hair routine. I made my own and stuck with it. 

My Type2B Hair Routine:

  • Day 1: Wash Day

    I only brush my hair in the shower. I wash, use a deep conditioning masque instead of a conditioner because my hair needs moisture. I let it air dry and part it deep to the left (this helps add body). 

  • Day 2: Moisturize & Go

    I spritz with water/natural serum mixture to ease frizz. I do not touch it because that changes texture and adds oil.

  • Day 3: Play with New Styles:

    If my curls have been pulled out I will put it in a high braid for body or unique style to try something new. I always add moisture.

  • Day 4: Messy Bun or Wash Day

    Depending on my schedule. Yes, I only wash my hair twice a week. I've had multiple professionals tell me the main way women damage their hair is by over washing it. 

3. Get the Nutrients In to Repair the Damage

You can see my curls are reforming here, but my thickness has not come back in. I needed something to help my fullness.

I figured that my follicles might be damaged from the shock of the cancer treatment. The Revitalizing Blend is what really started to work for me here. 

I've never been a pill person, so I knew if I was going to help develop one it had to be one that was worth my while. Since releasing the vitamins to the public, it's gotten amazing feedback and reviews. I mean a lot of  reviews. I knew we did something right.

Within three months I could see the new thicker hairs sprouting. I continued to get my hair cut 2-3 inches so the thicker growth could come in and it was sprouting like crazy. I love seeing my baby hairs. 

Look how thick and healthy my hair looks now after using Hair La Vie blend for just shy of 10 months. I was using their shampoo and masque for about 4 months before I added the vitamin.

***No chemical laden products were used to accomplish this look. I just washed my hair, twirled a few pieces to define my natural wave and went to work. 

I also drink A LOT of water, lift weights 3 times a week, and eat organic, portion controlled meals. (I eat whatever the heck I want on the weekends though. It's called balance, ha.)

From January to March, my hair probably only grew 1 inch. I started the vitamins in March and in three months my hair grew about 2 ½ inches. 

That was double the speed of my hair growth on it's own. I was so happy! I was seeing a lot less shedding/breakage. The best part is I knew this product would help so many people. 

See What Others Are Saying About Hair La Vie

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Emily's Story
"I was losing my hair and yeah, it was sad."

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"I needed more body. I needed more volume."

I've heard so many clients tell me that Hair La Vie products helped them stay on their journey. It did the same for me. These products only have natural ingredients. I feel this is the reason my hair grew so much fuller and I got my nice natural wave back. 

My thickness has almost doubled, and my hair has more of a shine and bounce. I'm such a believer and I also believe every woman should know about these products.

If you're looking to grow faster, longer, healthier hair the natural way, look no further. 

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