3 Surprising Causes of Hair Loss for Women

Discover How To Fight Hair Loss And Regrow Your Hair
The Natural Way

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40 percent of women will have visible hair loss and thinning by the age of 40.*

It can be devastating when dealing with hair loss. Worse, many of us feel alone when struggling with thinning hair, but the issue is much more common we might think. In fact, many of us begin losing our hair as early as our 20’s.

We understand the emotional trail that stems from unexpected hair loss. That is why we want to help you learn why you may be experiencing hair loss and provide you with the all-natural solution that has been changing women's lives across the globe.

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This is a heavy question, filled with as many answers as there are trichologists (hair specialists). First, let’s look at the main causes of this prevalent issue. 

Top 3 Causes of Hair Loss for Women

  1. Hormonal Changes - Any hormonal shifts or imbalances can cause premature balding and/or thinning hair.
    • - Introduction of new medications
    • - Menopause
    • - Birth control
    • - Pregnancy
    • - Endocrine conditions that affect thyroid function
    • - Extreme stress
    • - Genetics
    • - Surgery
  2. Overstyling. - Overstyling hair can cause your follicles to become shrunken or inflamed. This will will cause slow, thin, unhealthy hair growth.
    • - Flat iron
    • - Curling Iron
    • - Blow dryers
    • - Hair products
    • - Relaxers
    • - Color treatments
    • - Traction alopecia
  3. Poor Nutrition - Your hair follicles need certain antioxidants and proteins to grow healthy hair. When not receiving the proper nutrition you will have slow growing,
    weaker hair. This is the most essential part to growing healthy hair.
    • - Iron deficiency
    • - Crash dieting
    • - Fatty foods
    • - Alopecia
    • - Surgery
    • - Too much sugar


Before going into the specifics of our methodology, let’s dispel some of the more common hair growth myths:


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I'm Carla Rivas, co-founder of Hair La Vie and a hairstylist with over 10 years of style experience.
I created Hair La Vie because I really wanted to encourage women to remember how beautiful they are, and empower them to have vibrant, healthy hair that feels as strong as they are.