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Our Story

In 2013, a few of the brightest minds in natural health came together to create Hair La Vie. Their mission was simple.

Empower women to achieve great hair...naturally.

Stop The Vicious Cycle

We've all bought products that make our hair look great for a few days, or even months, then seem to stop working. It's worse than that, though. These products are actually damaging our hair with harsh sulfates, parabens and other hazardous chemicals. This leaves your hair looking dull and unhealthy.

Then the same companies sell us a "repair" product that usually contains the same cheap ingredients as the previous one. It's a vicious cycle, but we're here to help put a stop to this. Women are educating themselves and making smarter choices to break free from the cycle.

We Promise to Celebrate, Not Dictate

At Hair La Vie, we feel like it's our responsibility to help grow a healthy, natural and socially conscious environment for women of all hair types.

With your help, we're aiming to build a safe haven for our children and grandchildren to confidently know the are absolutely gorgeous just the way they are.

Our favorite part of this process is watching Hair La Vie's premium products help change the lives of thousands of women.

We empower women to achieve great hair...naturally.

Why Hair La Vie? 

We're more than just a brand. We're a lifestyle that supports all types of women and all types of hair. Becoming a part of Hair La Vie means a commitment to a positive self-image that lasts for a lifetime.

Whether you want to enhance the appearance of thick, naturally healthy hair, need help strengthening and fortifying from root to tip, supporting your scalp, or just promoting a vibrant, beautiful look, we've got you covered.

We use the latest hair care research - as well as top formulators - to make sure our products are tailored specifically to your hair needs. Every ingredient is carefully considered, diligently researched, and thoroughly tested before inclusion into one of our proprietary formulas.

In fact, we promise nothing goes into our products without a specific purpose to help protect, repair, hydrate or rejuvenate your hair.

Hair La Vie's products will never include the cheap harsh chemicals, synthetic additives, fillers or binders that are widespread throughout the beauty industry, Our products will never include artificial colors, dyes or other "secret" ingredients, either.

We also promise never to use demeaning or unrealistic advertisements to sell our products. You will only see confidently natural women on our website and in our ads because we want to promote real women and real hair.

After all, when you feel good about your hair, you feel good about yourself. With that, you can take on the world.

Help Us Help the World

At Hair La Vie we believe in empowering communities.

Not only are we working to change the beauty industry, but we are also trying to change the world. Helping causes we hold dear to our hearts is a top priority of ours. Not only do we talk the talk, but we walk the walk by donating roughly 10 percent of our profits to those in need and by providing company volunteering opportunities to our employees.

So be confident that when you purchase from us not only will you be getting quality, natural products, you're also helping those in need.

Some of Our Causes