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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This month women around the globe are banning together to raise awareness and education on a disease that is the second largest cause of death among women.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), each year it's estimated over 252,710 U.S. women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Of those numbers more than 40,500 will pass away. However, we find hope in the estimated 3.3 million breast cancer survivors living within the United States today. Early detection saves lives

Each Hair La Vie order placed this month will be helping to empower this message. As we do each year Hair La Vie will be contributing education content and donating 5% of profits for October to NBCF.

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Know the Steps to Early Detection

Self exams are the MOST effective method of early detection.

Every month a self breast-exam needs to be performed. This method has continuously proven to save lives. Mark it on a calendar and consider turning it into a bonding activity with your partner. While the numbers are significantly lower for men, breast cancer does occur in males. 

How to Perform a Self-Exam:

  1. 1. Start in the shower.

    Raise one arm overhead. Use the pads of your fingers move in a circular motion starting on the outside working your way in to the nipple. You're feeling for lumps, elevated sections, thickening or hardened knots. 

  2. 2. Get In front of a mirror.

    It's important to check visually for any changes in contour, color, swelling or changes of the nipple. Place your hands on your hips and give your best Hulk Hogan impression. Flex all your chest muscles. It's normal for breast to mismatch in size, but check for dimpling, puckering or changes. 

  3. 3. Lay on your back.

    When you're lying down your breast tissue flattens evenly. Position a pillow under one shoulder. Then, put that arm above your head. Using firm pressure and the pads of your other hand's fingers feel along the entire area into the arm pit. Squeeze your nipple looking for lumps or discharge. 


Next Steps If You Find Something 

First, take a breathe, and know 8 out of 10 lumps are found to not be cancerous. Schedule an appointment with your doctor. Avoid self-diagnosis via the internet. Prepare a list of questions and a log with discovery dates/details of any concerning changes you've experienced.

Pass it on: Can you think of a woman in your life who needs to read this?

Please share to spread the message and maybe YOU could help save a life. 

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