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How Does Hair La Vie work? And What Makes it the Best on the Market?

Hair La Vie combines 20 clinically proven active ingredients (many more than any other product on the market today), which mix together to make a formula that not only restarts the growth process, but it strengthens and protects the hair with essential vitamins, such as, vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and B6.

We start at your root, combining organic kelp powder and saw palmetto berry powder to begin repairing your hair's follicles. This helps clear any film, regulate resting time and inhibit follicle shrinkage. Strong follicles grow strong hair.

Next, we took care of your scalp with a healthy dose of biotin, pantothenic acid (calcium D-pantothenate) and flax seed oil powder, which promotes a healthy metabolism of oils on the scalp, preventing dryness and keeps the scalp clear of dandruff and other debris. This also strengthens the elasticity of your hair's cortex, preventing breakage.

Finally, we added multiple natural antioxidants and other all-natural ingredients that work together to promote strong, healthy, and thick hair.

We built this formula with no unnecessary fillers, binders or artificial colors or flavors. It is surrounded by a fast-absorbing veggie capsule.

Have the ingredients in Hair La Vie been clinically studied?

Every single active ingredient in our product has been clinically studied and proven to help repair hair follicles, promote hair growth and/or strengthen hair overall.

What makes Hair La Vie the best choice on the market today?

Hair La Vie 20 clinically proven active ingredients (many more than any other product on the market today), which mix together to make a formula that not only restarts the growth process, but it strengthens and protects the hair with essential vitamins, such as, vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and B6.

When will I begin seeing results?

With all supplements it takes the body a bit of time to absorb and distribute the nutrients. Typically, our clients begin to see visible results after two to three weeks. In general, we recommend you to take Hair La Vie for at least three to six months depending on your hair growth goals.

What happens if I stop taking Hair La Vie after my hair is better?

When hair follicles have been repaired and strong, thick, healthy hair has begun growing, it is possible for your hair to keep growing this way even after your stop treatment with Hair La Vie. The key to continuous full hair is maintaining healthy hair follicles.

Try to avoid any products that are full of chemicals. Only use natural products, paired with a healthy and balanced diet. You have to put the work in to really take care of your scalp and hair. Continuing the all-natural, chemical-free Hair La Vie even after your hair has grown healthy will ensure it stays that way.

Is it okay if I forgot and missed a capsule?

If you only missed one day just continue the next day as usual. Your growth will not be affected. If you miss three or four days take an extra capsule for the next few days to help boost your follicles. Try to avoid missing days for at least the first 90 days while the hair is being repaired.

How do I know Hair La Vie is a safe product?

Hair La Vie' uses natural ingredients in safe dosages. This product contains no fillers, harsh chemicals or artificial flavoring/coloring. We recommend consulting with your physician before taking any dietary supplement, including Hair La Vie. Hair La Vie should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.

Will hair start to grow on other places of my body that I don't want?

Hair will not begin to grow on unwanted or random parts of your body. The hair cycle for the rest of your body is much slower than the hair cycle for your scalp. Hair La Vie is designed to help the growth of hair directly on your scalp and does not contain any hormones.


What makes Revitalize & Restore the best hair cleansing system on the market?

Hair La Vie has created an exceptional 21 natural ingredient combination of active essential oils, extracts, proteins, amino acids and vitamins. We have given you the best all-natural vitamin, hair mask and serum so it only made sense for us to formulate the best natural hair shampoo and conditioner. Revitalize & Restore contains no synthetic fillers, no harsh sulfates and no parabens.

Our 21 natural ingredient formula speaks for itself. We kept everything from the hair shaft to the ends of your hair in mind by including key ingredients like saw palmetto, keratin, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, argan oil, marula oil, jojoba oil and many more. We have replaced potentially harmful chemicals found in commercial shampoos with healthier compounds and alternatives that work to give you the hair quality that you so desire.

How do I use Revitalize & Restore?

Use just like any other shampoo and conditioner pair. Make sure the massage the shampoo directly into your scalp down to the tips of your hair. Massage the conditioner onto the tips of your hair first then up to the scalp.

Are your products tested on animals?

Our products are NEVER tested on animals.

Why does my hair feel stiff right after washing? (It then dries to a softer feel)

Revitalize is designed to be a clarifying shampoo. It helps to gently remove buildup from the hair. If you have traditionally used hair products that use silicones or other "coating" ingredients, it may take several washes to uncoat the hair of this residue. During the transition phase, it may leave your hair feeling stiffer until it dries. Don't worry, this is a great sign your hair is strengthening. Once it dries it will be softer without the buildup.

How does the shampoo work to cleanse my hair without drying it out?

The ingredients are all gentle and mild while still having excellent cleansing properties. There are also natural ingredients which help to draw moisture to the hair. There are also small amounts of natural oils (argan and marula) to help moisturize the hair and scalp.

Are their bad sulfates in the shampoo or conditioner?

No, there are not any sulfates in the shampoo. There is Behentrimonium Methosulfate in the conditioner, which is in the sulfate family, but it isn't the bad sulfates you're used to hearing about. This helps with frizz, control and makes it easier for you to comb your hair without damaging it.

Shouldn't a shampoo lather a lot to clean to hair?

Lather isn't important to cleansing. Some of the best cleansers don't lather at all. We aimed for mild natural blend which does not include toxic foamers like different harsh sulfates. Too much foaming can actually strip your hair of it natural oils causing extremely dry scalp.

What makes my scalp tingle when using the product?

The essential oils, specifically the peppermint essential oil, is what provides the tingling sensation.

Do you recommend a cold water rinse for the conditioner?

A cold water rinse is always good for the hair. The cold water helps to smooth the hair shaft and seal it closed.

Will I see results right away?

Since this product is designed to continually repair your hair, it will get better with each usage. There may be a transition period, depending on how different this product is compared to what they are switching from. With repeated use, your hair will feel revitalized and stronger, especially at the roots. A lot of the focus is on the roots, and strengthening and stimulating your hair's follicles.

Will this help grow my hair?

This system will restore the health and integrity of your hair so that it reaches its full growth potential. This means you will notice longer hair. You can greatly improve the growth of your hair by combining Revitalize and Restore with other products from the Hair La Vie Collection, including the all-natural hair growth vitamins.

How does the Moroccan Repair Serum work? And what makes it the best?

It's infused with essential oils to condition and treat damaged and dry hair, as well as vitamins D3 and E to promote the growth of strong, thick and healthy hair. It also protects against sun exposure and damage from the use of heat tools.

How often should I use the Moroccan Repair Serum?

It is recommended to use as often as needed to tame frizz, promote shine, and add moisture to dry hair.

Will the serum leave my hair oily or weighed down?

Our light-weight formula does not weigh down hair or leave an oily residue. It is made without thick silicons that build up on hair, so your hair will be soft and shiny while maintaining body and fullness.

What is the difference between the Moroccan Oil and the Moroccan Repair Serum?

Moroccan Oil is a 100 percent pure, organic, natural argan oil that can be used on hair, skin and nails. It is unscented and can be used as a makeup remover or mixed with other natural products to make DIY beauty recipes, such as scrubs and deep conditioners. Moroccan Repair Serum is a hydration system formulated specifically for the treatment of weak, damaged or brittle hair. It also helps moisturize and decrease frizz, while protecting hair against heat and sun damage.

Is the serum tested on animals?

Absolutely not. Hair La Vie does not test any of our products on animals. We are a cruelty-free company.

What types of hair does the Moroccan Repair Serum work on?

The Repair Serum is effective on all hair types and textures, including chemically-treated, colored and natural hair.

How long until I begin to see results from the Moroccan Repair Serum?

You can expect to see improvement in shine and frizz-control immediately after use. The serum will continue to work to help rebuild your hair with the help of 7 vitamins and essential oils the longer you use it.


How does the Revive Masque work?

The Revive Masque deep conditions the scalp with pro-vitamins B5 and vitamin E. Keratin and bamboo extract help to rebuild the structure of damaged hair, while the essential oils moisturizes and nourishes from within.

What is keratin and does it do?

Keratin is the strongest and most durable protein and one of the main ingredients in the outer layer of hair. The keratin in our Revive Hydration Masque is a triple threat, smoothing the fine particles of the hair, strengthening the hair's shaft and eliminating frizz.

Why is the Revive Masque a brownish color?

At La Muse Beauty we do not believe in adding any ingredient to our products unless it helps make the product more effective. This is the natural color of the product. To whiten it we would need to add a synthetic filler like titanium dioxide to the formula. Titanium dioxide has never been fully tested and studies show it could be a carcinogen. We would never use something potentially harmful in our products.

How often can I use the Revive Masque?

We recommend deep conditioning with the Revive Masque once a week, though it can be used more frequently if needed.

What makes the Hair La Vie "Revive" Deep Hydration Masque different than other deep conditioners and masks on the market?

The Revive Masque is made with premium, all-natural ingredients. There are no unhealthy binders, fillers, parabens, phthalates, dyes or alcohol. It is packed with vitamins and essential oils to genuinely nourish and treat damaged hair, naturally. We've added keratin to our formula to strengthen and rebuild the outer layer of the hair shaft and protect against damage and breakage.

What if I want thick hair?

We recommend you keep the masque on your hair for 20 to 25 minutes for the full effects to work on your hair.

What if I have thinner hair?

We recommend you keep the masque on your hair for only between 5 to 10 minutes.

How does the other Hair La Vie products work together with the Revive Masque?

All of the Hair La Vie products were uniquely created to complement each other and work together to grow, rebuild and strengthen your hair from the inside out, while moisturizing and conditioning hair for immediate and long-term results.

How long until I begin to see results from the Revive Masque?

You can expect to see improvements in moisture and strength after the first use, though the masque is created to repair the structure of hair which may take longer, depending on the hair's condition.

Is the masque tested on animals?

Absolutely not. Hair La Vie does not test any of our products on animals. We are a cruelty-free company.

Does this masque have chemicals or artificial ingredients?

No, the Revive Masque is made without parabens, phthalates, dyes, alcohol or any other harmful chemical or artificial ingredients.

Is this hypoallergenic? Will it help my scalp too?

The Revive Masque is all-natural and made without any irritating or inflammatory additives, so it is hypoallergenic. Yes! Our masque is infused with vitamin E to promote blood circulation in the scalp while pro-vitamin B5 works to nourish the scalp and produce strong, healthy hair.

What types of hair does the Revive Masque work on?

Revive is effective on all hair types and textures, including chemically-treated, colored and natural hair.

Is Moroccan Oil the same thing as argan oil?

Yes, La Muse Moroccan Oil is 100 percent pure argania spinosa (argan) kern oil. One of the purest argan oils on the market today.

Can I used Moroccan Oil at the same time I use Hair La Vie?

Yes, in fact, it is recommended in order to improve and speed up progress. While Hair La Vie works on the inside repairing the roots and strengthening the growth process of your hair, Moroccan Oil works on the outside of your hair by hydrating and strengthening the hair you already have. These products combined literally work inside and out to help improve your hair.

How does argan oil work?

The healthy fatty acids and huge boost of vitamin E in the argan oil combine to hydrate and strengthen your hair. The forms a protective layer to help fight off day-to-day hair damage and give your hair a beautiful natural shine.

Is Moroccan Oil 100 percent organic?

Yes, it is derived from completely organically grown argan trees.

What makes La Muse Moroccan Oil the best argan oil?

For starters it is 100 percent argan oil with no added fillers, binders or artificial ingredients (unlike many competing brands). This product is also organically grown and imported directly from Morocco. It is never grown anywhere else.

I have naturally oily hair, is Moroccan Oil going to make my hair feel greasy?

Moroccan oil is a non-greasy, light moisturizer. If you have oily hair, you should work just a few drops of this product into the tips of your hair right after you shower, and then brush it through.

Is Moroccan Oil safe?

Moroccan Oil is so safe you could put it on a salad and eat it. This is a completely all-natural product.

Can I use it on my skin and nails too?

Yes. Moroccan oil works wonders for healing skin issues and it helps to revive cuticles. This is an allover product that some refer to as "liquid gold".

What are phytoceramides?

Phytoceramides or "ceramides" are super-strong antioxidants that help slow the rate in which free radicals can attack and damage your skin.

They also activate peptide blends which boost the elastin and collagen production of your skin to help reduce wrinkles, lines, the bags under your eyes and any dry, leathery skin, all while firming and lifting.

Ceramides are naturally found in your epidermis. However, the production of ceramides decreases as you begin to age, which is the primary cause of wrinkles, dry skin and poor complexion. Phytoceramides are the plant based equivalent to ceramides.

The most common sources of phytoceramides are wheat and rice but they can also be found in sweet potato and tuber plants.

What makes your phytoceramides my best choice?

La Muse only uses the best clinically proven phytoceramides, Oryza Ceramides-PCD.

Oryza is an all-natural, gluten-free, rice-based ceramide that has multiple clinical studies showing how well they work. This is because of the extensive research and development process Oryza has developed to make sure their ceramides are of the best quality and set an industry standard for batting aging and proper skin hydration.

Are there also clinical trials to support La Muse Phytoceramides?

Yes, a third party independent at Soiken, Japan's Institute of General Medical Sciences performed the study. The study consisted of 33 individuals (6 male, 27 female), with an average age of 25, being given either a placebo or 40/mg of ceramides by Oryza daily over the course of 6 weeks.

Dermatologists were brought in to perform three-dimensional microscopic skin surface analysis, performed using VISIOCAN conducted by Courage and Khaza Gmbh. This was able to judge the skin for moisture content, smoothness, roughness and scaliness.

This study concluded that Oryza Ceramide-PCD increases skin hydration, reduces itchiness and redness, minimizes small lines and wrinkles, promotes skin smoothness and fights signs of aging visibly and from within.

The moisturizing effects of Oryza Ceramide was studied with other commercially available ceramides. Oryza Ceramides were proven to be the best with a moisture ratio of 35 percent. See graph below for more details.

Why do I need phytoceramides?

During the natural aging process your skin begins to produce less ceramides which protect your skin from free radicals that can ruin the elasticity and collagen production. Taking phytoceramides help counter this aging process by repairing and replenishing your skin's elasticity and collagen production. Phytoceramides are like an all-natural facelift.

How long does it take until you see results?

Skin reparation can take time depending on age and damage. Most people see results in as little as three weeks. However, it can take longer depending on skin damage.

What are the benefits of La Muse Phytoceramides?

La Muse Phytoceramides restores and hydrates your skin beginning from the inside out. They help restore your skin's natural and youthful look, feel, and glow by increasing your skins moisture retention. Phytoceramides also act as your additional line of defense against skin damage, aging and loss of elasticity.

Are La Muse Phytoceramides healthy?

La Muse Phytoceramides are completely safe with no artificial colors/flavors or filler ingredients. Based on all clinical studies they have shown no side effects. HOwevere, it is always recommended to consult with you physician before introducing any dietary supplement to your regimen.

Will it still work if I am over 70?

Of course. Phytoceramides will significantly restore and moisturize your skin regardless of age. Cellular repair occurs naturally no matter what age you are when you give your skin what it needs.

Should I continue to use this after I obtain my desired results?

In order to retain your skin's glow and hydration it is recommended that you continue to use phytoceramides as a routine maintenance product. This product will continue to keep your skin healthy and youthful for the rest of your life if you let it.