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Dry Shampoo


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Hair La Vie Dry Shampoo effortlessly cleans and refreshes hair between washes, helping to boost volume and restore strands with the healthy benefits of perfectly balanced plants and natural minerals. Powerful antioxidants help detoxify hair and protect the scalp, working together with potent, plant-based ingredients to reveal healthy, balanced hair.

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Why Hair La Vie

  • Touchably soft, ultra-sheer formula

  • 100% natural, vegan formula is free of gluten, alcohol, talc & parabens

  • Fresh, all-natural fragrance blend of Peach, Coconut, Lavender, Sage, and Honey

  • Ideal for all hair types and colors


How it works

Purifying Soap nut instantly revitalizes the hair while antioxidants from essential oils neutralize odor and help protect the scalp. Cleansing black clay and bamboo work together with natural cornstarch to quickly absorb excess oils and add volume— without stripping away moisture like traditional dry shampoos. Meadowfoam Seed Oil helps fight free radicals while clearing away impurities that can hamper the immune response. This touchably soft, ultra-sheer powder easily brushes through all hair types, disappearing without a trace, leaving you with only fresher-looking, healthier hair.

Use between washes for beautiful, balanced hair!

How to use

  • Twist nozzle to adjust product flow. Divide hair into sections and tilt the bottle, gently squeezing product along the scalp.
  • Allow powder to absorb excess oils for up to 2 minutes. For added volume, massage scalp as desired.
  • Thoroughly brush hair to evenly distribute powder.

The Applications

  • Instantly

    Fast-absorbing powders soak up dirt and oil, resulting in clean hair minus the buildup.
  • Post-workout

    Natural fragrance blend neutralizes odor and keeps hair smelling fresh.
  • Styling

    Adds volume without stripping away moisture like traditional dry shampoos.
  • Between washes

    Enjoy for continually healthy-looking hair between washes!


  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil

    Contains powerful antioxidants and a healthy dose of vitamin E that help stabilize your hair’s natural oils to prevent odor, clear away impurities and prevent inflammation, while healthy fatty acids help lock in moisture.

  • Soap Nut

    Grown from trees that cover hilly regions around the world, the soap nut is rich with saponins, a naturally gentle detergent that has been historically used to wash hair, jewelry, and even delicate silks. This traditional ingredient offers a clinically-studied clean that leaves hair looking and feeling fresh.

  • Black Clay

    Known for its extraordinary oil absorbency, this natural mineral lifts away excess oiliness without drying the strand, scalp, or follicles like other dry shampoos.

  • Corn Starch

    This pure vegetable starch quickly absorbs oil and impurities, becoming transparent as it locks them away to leave beautifully clean-looking strands and roots. We carefully sourced a corn starch that’s ultra-sheer, so it disappears into hair effortlessly.

  • Bamboo

     A natural source of silica that helps balance the moisture levels of both hair and scalp. Bamboo also keeps Hair La Vie Dry Shampoo fluffy and easy to disperse through hair.


Write a Review
  • I used this dry shampoo once at the beginning of my six month of the Hair La Vie supplements.It was good.

  • Need to return...doesn't do anything for me

  • This is great stuff! I'm amazed at how clean my hair feels the next morning. And it calms the inflammation in my scalp. It's so easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the full ingredients in the Dry Shampoo?

    Corn Starch, Black Clay, Bamboo, Sapindin® (Sapindus Trifoliatus Fruit Extract), Limnanthes Alba Oil, Botanical Oil Blend (Peach, Coconut, Lavender Sage and Honey).

  • Why do I need Dry Shampoo?

    Overwashing your hair can often lead to issues like dryness and breakage, which is why many people turn to dry shampoos between washes. However, popular aerosol dry shampoos contain harsh ingredients like alcohol, talc, and parabens that can further dry out hair, slow growth and lead to a flaky scalp.

    Hair La Vie Dry Shampoo contains perfectly balanced plants and natural minerals that leave hair looking and feeling clean, healthy, and gorgeous.

  • What do I do if I accidentally use too much Dry Shampoo?

    Be patient! Waiting an extra minute can help absorb excess grease and oil. But if you really went overboard with the powder, we recommend using a blowdryer on low heat with a brush to get rid of the unwanted product.

  • How long will it take to see results?

    Hair La Vie Dry Shampoo was designed for you to see results in just two minutes. It’s great for style maintenance on-the-go & between washes.

  • Should I use Dry Shampoo if I already use other Hair La Vie supplements and haircare products?

    Absolutely. Our Dry Shampoo was created to pair beautifully with your Hair La Vie supplements and hair care products.

  • Where does the dark color of the powder come from? Is it an artificial dye?

    The charcoal hue comes from the black clay we use in our formula. This oil-absorbing clay is all-natural and blends better with a wider variety of hair colors than traditional white dry shampoos or brunette dry shampoos that use artificial dyes.

  • What is the scent of the Dry Shampoo?

    Hair La Vie Dry Shampoo has a natural light fragrance made from a delicious botanical oil blend of Peach, Coconut, Lavender Sage and Honey.

  • How often should I use the Dry Shampoo?

    For best results, we suggest using between washes for beautiful, balanced hair!

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