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"Confident Women, Undeniable Results."

Hear from women who've experienced the transformation.

  • 1A - Straight, no waves and high shine

  • 1B - Straight, no waves and high shine

  • 1C - Straight, slightly fuller-bodied with reflective shine

  • 2A - Slightly wavy near the ends, with natural shine

  • 2B - Wavy throughout

  • 2C - Defined waves throughout

  • 3A - Slightly curly throughout

  • 3B - Curly throughout and voluminous

  • 3C - Curly and full-bodied

  • 4A - Coiled strands with no noticeable shine

  • 4B - Z-shaped coils

  • 4C - Tightly coiled Z-shape

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