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Organic Argan Oil

I hydrate hair, skin, & nails.

Hair La Vie's Organic Argan Oil is 100% pure — exactly what you need to promote the revitalization of your hair's natural shine and bounce and protect it from life's harsh daily elements.

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How to use

  • Hair

    Place a dime-sized
    amount on your fingers
    then smooth onto
    the ends of your hair.
  • Skin

    Apply directly to dry
    or dehydrated skin
    throughout the day.
  • Nails

    Rub into nail beds
    and cuticles for a soft,
    rejuvenated touch.
  • Makeup Remover

    Easily and gently
    removes makeup.

How it works

Hair La Vie's Organic Argan Oil is 100% pure — exactly what you need to promote the revitalization of your hair's natural shine and bounce and protect it from life's harsh daily elements.



  • Argan Oil

    Promotes shine, fights frizz, and gives hair a lustrous sheen. High in vitamin E, it promotes scalp moisturization and the growth of strong, healthy hair.


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  • Much better

    Since I've started Hair La Vie I have noticed a huge difference with the texture the thickness softness volume and length of my hair and I've only been using it for two months thank you Hair La Vie I love you

  • <3

    Moroccan oil has done wonders for our hair!!! Getting this serum asap!!

  • Cant Keep My Husband's Hands Off of It

    My husband steals mine all the time so he can use it on his beard. I had to hide in our shower to catch him in the act hahaha but i caught him red handed and really scared him good Now, I just hide the oil from him lol.

  • 5+


  • I Use It Everyday

    Love this product it is great for dry skin. I add it to my face mask and even my hair mask for extra moisture. I use it everyday. I am totally obsessed with La Muse's argan oil it feels like I need to use less of this brand than the other I've tried

  • Bye Bye Frizz

    A little goes a long way! This stuff totally reduces my frizzy hair. sometimes it feels a little too oily but it is argan oil after all.

  • Fiercest Hair Ever.

    When you're vogueing and get to flip your real hair. Move over chica's, JoJo the Queen is front and center. Love this oil and vitamin combo. Fiercest hair ever.

  • Love It

    I am a huge fan of this argan oil, i cannot say enough good thing about this product. The only thing i can do is to recommend it to everyone i know!

  • Makes My Hair Unbelievably Shiny

    I just started using Moroccan Oil a week ago and my hair has been unbelievably shiny these past days. I can't tell the difference between my damaged hair and new growth.

  • Very Hydrating

    Very good i am loving it

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