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La Muse 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

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Moroccan Oil is 100 percent pure argan oil carefully extracted fresh from the kernels of organically cultivated argan trees grown off the sun-kissed coasts of Morocco. This oil is pure and odorless so it can be mixed with other oils.

  • 100% pure argan oil
  • Contains fatty acids + vitamin E
  • Non-greasy moisturizer
  • Promotes hair's hydration
  • Helps nourish and soften skin
  • No fillers, alcohols or silicones

Experience revitalized, healthy hair or your money back!

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Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kern Oil

100 percent organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kern Oil *USDA AND EU certified oil imported directly from Morocco.

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Yesss, My Hair Is On Fleek.

Yesss, my hair is on FLEEK. I could easy run my fingers through and not end up with a greasy hand.

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I Use It Everyday

Love this product it is great for dry skin. I add it to my face mask and even my hair mask for extra moisture. I use it everyday. I am totally obsessed with La Muse's argan oil it feels like I need to use less of this brand than the other I've tried

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Cant Keep My Husband's Hands Off of It

My husband steals mine all the time so he can use it on his beard. I had to hide in our shower to catch him in the act hahaha but i caught him red handed and really scared him good Now, I just hide the oil from him lol.

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Bye Bye Frizz

A little goes a long way! This stuff totally reduces my frizzy hair. sometimes it feels a little too oily but it is argan oil after all.

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Fiercest Hair Ever.

When you're vogueing and get to flip your real hair. Move over chica's, JoJo the Queen is front and center. Love this oil and vitamin combo. Fiercest hair ever.

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Makes My Hair Unbelievably Shiny

I just started using Moroccan Oil a week ago and my hair has been unbelievably shiny these past days. I can't tell the difference between my damaged hair and new growth.

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Love It

I am a huge fan of this argan oil, i cannot say enough good thing about this product. The only thing i can do is to recommend it to everyone i know!

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Very Hydrating

Very good i am loving it

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Moroccan oil has done wonders for our hair!!! Getting this serum asap!!

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Much better

Since I've started Hair La Vie I have noticed a huge difference with the texture the thickness softness volume and length of my hair and I've only been using it for two months thank you Hair La Vie I love you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moroccan Oil the same thing as argan oil?

Yes, La Muse Moroccan Oil is 100 percent pure argania spinosa (argan) kern oil — one of the purest argan oils on the market today.

Can I used Moroccan Oil at the same time I use Hair La Vie?

Yes. In fact, it is recommended in order to promote optimal results. While Hair La Vie works on the inside by helping to fortify roots and assist in the existing growth process of your hair, Moroccan Oil works on the outside by helping hydrate and strengthen the hair you already have. By combining these products, they work together to provide support for both the inside and outside of your hair.

How does argan oil work?

The healthy fatty acids and huge boost of vitamin E from the argan oil combine to help hydrate and strengthen your hair. This promotes the formation of a protective layer to help fight off day-to-day elements and give your hair the desirable appearance of a beautiful and natural shine.

Is Moroccan Oil 100 percent organic?

Yes, it is derived from completely organically grown argan trees.

What makes La Muse Moroccan Oil such an effective argan oil?

For starters it is 100 percent argan oil with no added fillers, binders or artificial ingredients (unlike many competing brands). This product is also organically grown and imported directly from Morocco. It is never grown anywhere else.

If I have naturally oily hair, will Moroccan Oil make my hair feel greasy?

Moroccan oil is a non-greasy, light moisturizer. If you have oily hair, you should work just a few drops of this product into the tips of your hair, right after you shower and then brush it through.

Is Moroccan Oil safe to use?

Moroccan Oil is so safe you could put it on a salad and eat it. This is an organic, completely natural product.

Can I use it on my skin and nails too?

Yes. Moroccan oil works wonders for supporting and moisturizing skin, while also helping to rejuvenate cuticles. It is a comprehensive product some refer to as "liquid gold".

How to Use:

Hair - Place a dime-sized amount on your fingers then rub onto the ends of your hair. Apply as often as needed.

Skin - Apply directly to skin a few times throughout the day. Can also be used as a makeup remover.

Nails - Rub into nail beds and cuticles for a soft, rejuvenated touch.

Who It’s For:

Formulated specifically to promote the feeling of strong, healthy, vibrant hair, while also rejuvenating strands and supporting a lustrous appearance.

6 Bottles | 180 Day Supply

180 Day Supply

$33.00 EACH ($198)

Save $156 + Free Shipping

MSRP $354.00

3 Bottles | 90 Day Supply

90 Day Supply

$37.33 EACH ($112)

Save $65 + Free Shipping

MSRP $177.00

1 Bottle | 30 Day Supply

30 Day Supply


Save $17

MSRP $59.00

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